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If you love packing with your dog, you will no doubt appreciate our site! After being frustrated with how few sites there are that actually talk about hiking and packing with your furry friend, I decided to put together this resource for everybody.

The key thing to remember is that your dog is not very well equipped to handle heavy loads. You will hurt your dog by loading them down too much. Most dogs can only carry a couple of day's worth of their own food supply. Any more than that and you run a huge risk of hurting them.

For long hikes, you need to look into providing your dog with the absolutely best cheap dog food that you can get your hands on. These foods are very affordable but have sufficient amounts of protein in them to handle their higher caloric needs.

In addition, you may find that large breed dogs use a different type of food. It is important to research your dog foods well and then experiment to figure out what works best for your dog long before you every try to go on a packing trip with your pet. You don't want your dog to be dealing with gastrointestinal issues while you trying to hike.

There are many . You might consider shopping places like amazon or ebay to get the best prices on your dog packs.